Reel Shorts | Fanboys | Fired Up

20 02 2009

This week in theaters, two new films deal with comedic obsession. Whether it’s an insatiable appetite for the opposite sex or anything relating to “Star Wars,” both films have something funny for nearly every audience.
It’s 1998 and four geeky “Star Wars” fans attempt to battle the dark side of the force in an attempt to penetrate George Lucus’ Skywalker Ranch for a glimpse at “Episode 1” in the comedy, “Fanboys.” Content to entertain themselves with their obsession to “Star Wars,” the group of geeky twenty-somethings hatch an hair-brained scheme to ride cross-country to crash the famed producer’s headquarters. Along the way, the group battles their arch-nemesis, “Star Trek” fanboys and a couple of rough encounters with “Ain’t It Cool” founder Harry Knowles and a handle-bar wearing, psychotic pimp (Seth Rogen) and a group of “bizarre bikers.” Peppered with enough inside jokes and asides that will make you laugh out loud, the film also has several funny cameos that give it the appearance of a Judd Apatow comedy . . . and that’s ALWAYS a good thing!

Grade: B-

Fired Up
What happens when Gerald Ford High School football stars and ladykillers have had their fill with nearly every girl at their school? The two hatch the ultimate scheme to surround themselves with beautiful women – they ditch football and join the cheerleader squad. Shawn (Nicholas D’Agosto) and Nick (Eric Christian Olsen) have the dating and mating game on lockdown. Looking for a new challenge the two bite off more then they can chew when they spend three weeks at “Cheer Camp.” What starts off as a “ho-athon” suddenly becomes real when one of the two fall for a cheerleader from their own school. Unfortunately, she is dating a preppy knucklehead who refers to himself as “Dr. Rick” even though he is in his first year of medical school. In addition, their lowly cheer team must go up against the military precision of the champion cheer squad, The Panthers. Chock full of cheer references and jokes, the film even manages to feature scenes from it’s predecesor, “Bring It On” which is given the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” treatment. With inspiration from one of the cheer coaches, the group is implored to chant, “FU,” “FU.” While the story gets off to a slow start it recovers adequately making it watchable and entertaining in it’s second half. Destined to be a latenight cable sensation, “Fired Up” has enough comedic elements to make most audiences stand up and cheer . . . or maybe my expectations were so low that the ability to make me laugh has given me a false sense of security. Either way, there are far WORSE things playing in theaters now.

Grade: C+




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