Reel Comedy | The Quest for “G!”

15 02 2009

While watching the pre-game NBA All-Star Dunk show, we checked out a new Gatorade commercial featuring Boston Celtic superstar, Kevin Garnett. “The Quest for G” literally had us choking with laughter!

In this extended commercial which parodies Monty Python’s “Quest for the Holy Grail,” Garnett and merry band of men (and small man with Jamacian track star Usain Bolt’s head) are denied passageway across the bridge by the JabbaWockeez.

After checking out their moves and finding them insufficiently whack, Garnett dons his golden shades and he crew break them off something proper like featuring a hilariously bouncy Bolt head in tow.

Needless to say, we lost our breath with laughter. With several more of these types of spots, Garnett may be moving into LeBron land as a spokesperson.




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