Reel Love | The Inkwell

11 02 2009

Our salute to Black love at the movies continues with a tender coming of age story set in 1976’s Martha’s Vineyard, “The Inkwell.”

Directed by Matty Rich, the film starred Larenz Tate as a nebbish, young teenager, Drew, whose parents believe to be emotionally disturbed. Friendless, he spends most of his time with a doll engaging in spirited conversation. But soon he experiences his first boyhood crush trying to win the attention of the insufferably snooty Lauren (Jada Pinkett Smith). In addition, he also befriends Heather (Adrienne-Joi Johnson), an attractive young woman whose husband, Harold (Morris Chestnut), is a faithless cheat.

At the film climax, it’s not only the Fourth of July fireworks that explode, but young Drew who loses his virginity with Heather.

While the film has withstood the test of time, director Rich did not. Between his public squabbles with Spike Lee (refuses to attend film school) or maybe simply falling by the wayside, “The Inkwell” would be his last studio film.




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