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6 02 2009

The long march to summer cinematic riches continues with another uneven week of new releases. Up this week, Dakota Fanning does double duty and Steve Martin and crew show you the hazards of making a film with a ten million dollar cast and a ten dollar script!


In this year’s version of “Jumper,” Chris Evans stars as Nick, a young man with a special ability to move things with his mind. Soon he hooks up a “reader,”Cassie (Fanning) who can see the future – and a way for the two to make a quick $6 million if they can retrieve a mysterious case. The only problem is that they are not the only people with special abilities on the hunt. Complicating matter is a clandestine government organization called “The Division” and it’s sinister head, Carver (Djimon Hounsou). What starts off as an interesting concept with cool special effects overstays it’s welcome and becomes muddled and convoluted in it’s final act. With so many different people rockin’ a slew of special abilities, it gets difficult to know who does what – or who is down with who. Ultimately “Push” almost goes all “Heroes “on us and just confuses EVERYBODY!

Grade: C

When a bored and unattended Coraline (Fanning) begins to investigate her drab new surroundings, she is surprised to find a pleasant alternate reality with another family just like her own with one difference – her “other” family has buttons for eyes. Soon Coraline begins to suspect that something is amiss with her “other mother” (Teri Hatcher) and has to fight not only for her survival but her family and friends, as well. Little Ms. Fanning does double duty and acquits herself well in this interesting story that much like “The Nightmare Before Christmas” gets just a little too dark with it’s scary, frightening finale. While parents may have to comfort their little ones, this 3-D stop-action animated story is a winner – and the weekend’s best film!

Grade: B-


The Pink Panther 2
In a film that will have both Blake Edwards and the great Peter Sellers rolling over in the graves, Steve Martin throws out everything positive that made the original “Pink Panther” such a delight and delivers an unfunny film that embarrasses one of the most talented cast assembled for a movie this bad. When the mysterious thief, “The Tornado” begins stealing some of the world’s most expensive treasures, the world’s greatest detective, Inspector Jacques Clouseau (Martin) is assigned to head a “dream team” of investigators trying to discover his identity. Featuring a respected group of actors including Jean Reno, Alfred Molina, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Andy Garcia, Lily Tomlin, John Cleese and Martin it makes no sense that this group couldn’t have delivered a better film. Even the beautiful Rai Bachchan couldn’t save this film from going down in flames. If you look closely, you’ll see Garcia preparing for “The Godfather, Part 4.” In a career full of hit and miss moments, Martin seems to be begging for an early Razzie nomination – even with ten months left in this year!

Grade: D-




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6 02 2009
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