Black-on-Black Crime | Steele Elected RNC Chairman!

31 01 2009

For conservatives who thought hell had officially frozen over when Barack Obama was elected President, liberals were equally amazed when former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele was elected the first African-American chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Steele defeated his lone remaining challenger Katon Dawson on the sixth and final ballot by a mere 14 votes.

“This is awesome,” Steele told the crowd. “I accept and appreciate all of you for the opportunity to serve as the next national chairman of our very proud, our very strong, and our very, very hard working Republican National Committee.”

Along with Justice Clarence Thomas, Steele has often been looked at in the African-American community as examples of those who benefited from Affirmative Action . . . but worked to make sure that nobody else who looked like them would in the future. Once Steele defended former Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich’s decision to hold a $100,000 fundraiser at a country club that did not allow non-white members. He blew it off by saying that the club’s membership’s policies were “not an issue” because “I don’t play golf.”


Oh, don’t forget about Steele repeated references to former President George W. Bush as “his homeboy!”

Hmmm . . .

He owes his victory to a strong push from another prominent African-American Republican, former secretary of state of Ohio Ken Blackwell who dropped out of the race early and asked his supporters to back Steele. South Carolina GOP Chairman Dawson, who finished second in the balloting, was a member of a whites-only country club and many Democrats were shocked that he could even get that close to a prominent national post.

Steele, whose half-sister was once married to Mike Tyson and who was caught on tape hiring homeless people to hand out misleading campaign literature in Black neighborhoods during a campaign, is probably the safest choice that the GOP can make to remain relevant in national politics. With a shrinking electorate that grows older, whiter and more out-of-touch by the day, the election of the brash, outspoken Steele sends a signal that although it’s pulse may be weak, its still beating.

Just eight years after Republicans controlled both the White House and Congress, the GOP finds itself out of power, without a standard-bearer and trying to figure out how to rebound while its foe seems to grow ever stronger. While Obama’s task may be difficult, Steele’s is monumental; he is asked to bring diversity and a new plan to a party that is firmly rooted in the politics of yesterday with no light at the end of suddenly a very long tunnel!




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31 01 2009
Black-on-Black Crime - Steele Elected RNC Chairman! | Shablogs

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4 02 2009
Lady Di

I’m happy to be from Maryland where Steele did his time but I’m not happy he’s a Republican.

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