Battle to the Finish | Kia’mor vs. Malia

31 01 2009

In our latest “Battle to the Finish,” East Coast meets the West Coast as leggy beauties Kia’Mor and Malia square off.

In Philadelphia born and bred, Kia had stars in her eyes. Her family relocated to Neptune, NJ when she was young and realized she wanted to try her hand in the fashion and entertainment industry. After losing her mother and giving birth to her daughter, the 26-year old model renamed herself “Kia’mor”. Combining her name with “amor” (love in Spanish) constantly reminds herself and others of how much she loved who she was.

Meanwhile in the O.C., lovely Malia is making her own name. The 31-year old mix of Venezuelan, Spanish, Greek & Irish believes in living and loving life to the fullest. Malia long-term goals are to continue generating revenue from modeling, launching her signature clothing line “Malia Chapouris” and pursuing her music career. The talented lyricist known as Wyldeflowher is in the studio finishing up a few more colabs & tracks as we speak.

So when the smoke clears, will Kia’mor still be the “beast of the east” or will Malia prove that the “west is still the best?” Which lady will have the skills to pay the bills in our “Battle to the Finish?”




4 responses

23 02 2009
Sterling Kingston

Both ladies are beautiful, and HOT, but I’m feeling Miss Malia Chapouris! That woman is a mover & shaker. I’ve been following her moves for a while, and she’s definitely a go getter, and making a name for herself in the industry. She’s got original looks that makes her stand out, reminds me a bit of “Daisy Fuentes”, but all her own! A strong woman, with strong godess like features! GORGEOUS! I’d wife her ASAP! GOOOOOOD GOD!

S. Kingston

P.S. It’s “Malia” not “Malina”

14 06 2010
Ambrose Preuss

Another Excellent blog post, I will save this post in my Clipmarks account. Have a great day.

25 09 2010
Damir Kochek

Malia (Wyldeflowher) Chapouris is a very talented young woman. I like the fact that she’s tastefully classy, not to mention very stunning. Here’s her music link – I love what I heard and anxious to hear more. Very original!

11 07 2011

Malia is a thick n curvy brick HOUSE! She be killin em all in a real way. A complete lane of her own. Gorgeous lil fox! Her flows is nice too, real nice!

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