WTF! | PETA’s Banned Super Bowl Ad!

29 01 2009

You have got to give it to the people over at PETA. In the midst of the worst economic this country has seen in 70 years, they have produced a spot so risque that even the networks as hard up for cash as possible couldn’t air!

The commercial, which was supposed to air during Sunday’s Super Bowl, showed various women getting their groove on with pieces of produce. Hell, one woman was gettin her love on with a . . . pumpkin! We guess that several years after Nipplegate and the infamous “allegedly” gay Snickers’ ad, the big game has become a worldwide showcase for not only selling your product but a huge platform to present your message.

The irony is is that the networks did to PETA what their followers have done to multitudes of women who have been rocking fur coats – they poured buckets of hate on them ruining their day. The network would rather tell PETA to take their three million dollars and shove it rather than to have the sexy vegetarians and their horny produce-loving honeys smut up the Super Bowl commercial airwaves.

We wonder if Hooters is buying time . . . we’re just sayin!




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29 01 2009

sometimes TV censorship can be so inconsistent

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