WTF! | Kayne West’s “Shag Swag!”

21 01 2009

Live From The Inaugural Ball" at the Washington Hilton on January 20, 2009 in Washington, D.C.While we’re not in love with much of the music in hip-hop, the fashions of several major stars may be even worse. We could not decide which one is worse:  Jay-Z’s nerdy glasses, Lil’ Wayne rocking a pierced lip and eyebrow or Kanye West bringing back “the shag!”

Last night, West debuted the wack-ass hair style that we didn’t like the first time we saw it – 25 years ago! It almost appears that larger you build your paper stack, you lose your ability to give a damn about what is fashion.

If the object for Jay is to try to redefine your style, brother you have. Your style has gone from street chic to nerdy, old dude who is only saved because of your natural lyrical skills. For Weezy, we’re all good with people expressing themselves, but as the song says “we hear the people talkin” – and that ain’t good!

Finally for Ye, what in Hades has happened to you. From your Zapp-esque current CD to other forms of self-expression including rocking a Michael Jackson-type glove, after taking down 50, he has been out of control. What happened to the hungry dude on the come up who used to craft hot beats and demonstrate the ability to flow over his own tracks?

Is it us or are these three living in their own reality?




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28 10 2010
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Kanye West’s first career productions came on Chicago rapper Grav’s 1996 debut album Down to Earth. *:*

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