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21 01 2009

When President Barack Obama became the first African-American to assume the nation’s highest office, this product of the Joshua Generation owed an eternal debt for the members of the Moses Generation who laid the foundation for his achievements.

The cartoon from M. Wuerking, depicts President Obama taking the oath of office while standing on “A Strong Foundation.”

Leading up to the inauguration, we heard plenty of how President Obama was inspired by President Abraham Lincoln. While it’s true that President Lincoln was a part of President Obama’s foundation, he is not alone. As one of the original framers of the Constitution, Benjamin Franklin deserves credit for helping to bring about today’s moment.

President Obama cited the brave men who defend this country and for their contribution they have earned our eternal loyalty and respect. Let us not forget the countless amount of slaves whose legacy was finally acknowledged by the first man of color in the country’s history to lead this great nation shattering the glass ceiling in the most exclusive club in the world.

Kudos to the Reverand Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who provided the vision of a land where men would be judged by the content of their character instead of the color of their skin.

If the Voting Right’s Act gave African-Americans the right to the ballot, the role of The Suffrage movement cannot be overlooked. By extending economic and political reform to women, it set the stage for other minorities to someday accomplish what transpired today.

While the brave people who fought for Civil Rights were not able to get to the Promise Land, we’re sure that many of the older members and the ones looking down were smiling to see the man who finally got to the other side!




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21 01 2009

It was a great day. We all have to remember that many Whites, Latinos and other races fought for Civil Rights also.

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