Eye Candy | Mizz Na’Tasha

20 01 2009


Hip-hop model, Na’Tasha Salimi aka Mizz Na’Tasha has been getting plenty of notoriety because of her striking resemblance to her high-profile countrywoman, Kim Kardashian and her hippy, hippy hips!

The 20-year old cutie was born in Germany with Egyptian, Chinese and Persian bloodlines. After moving to New York in several years ago to continue her modeling career, she got her undergrad degree in forensic psychology and then move on to Law school to become an entertainment lawyer.

More than just a pretty face, Mizz Na’Tasha has continued to set high goals for herself and and thinks her ample curves work in her favor. “Urban models have become very popular and are easier to relate to with the average woman,” Na’Tasha adds. “Not all models weigh 100 pounds. Urban models represent curves and natural bodies that most women have. My message is that you don’t have to starve yourself to be beautiful, or to get more jobs in the modeling field. Hips are sexy!”

Many people mistake the Persian cutie with another successful Persian-American, Kardashian. Last summer, Mizz Na’Tasha found herself in hot water when she was caught in Houston hosting parties as Kardashian. While defending herself she alluded that Kardashian’s cakes were fake and hers were real.

Without inspecting each set personally, we’ll just chalk it up to Persian cuties showing love for the sistahs! Look at the picture below and you tell us if it’s real or Memorex?





7 responses

21 01 2009
Arthur Etiket

Oh wow, look at what we got here. Another female thinking that she has to dress half naked in order to become famous. GA aren’t you getting tired of these hip hop groupies? Well on this segment of I don’t have a brain so I’ll just use my body I’m featuring some Persian chick named Na’Tasha Salimi aka Mizz ‘Natasha LOL…….. (She wants respect by people calling her Mizz, I’m sorry to say but your not going to get that on this website, but the only reason that shes getting notoriety is because she looks something like Kim Kardashian.

Visualiize this:
We live in a world where a female would pick up a book instead of a thong and try to make something with their life.
Making Connections:
Just another hip hop groupie
Doesn’t she look like a fish
Brains are way more attractive than beauty, and when people can finally come to their sinces and realize this. These groupies might actually have something to show for thier lives than a few half naked pictures of themselves and low self of esteem.

14 03 2013

you’re exactly on point her brotha, but don’t sit there n say u wouldn’t tax her tho, i agree with everything your sayin, but just let what is in your pants do most of the thinking when you’re dealing with these types of females man, it’s no point of tryna talk some sense into them

25 01 2009

I dont know all that crap the person above me is talking bout with books etc lol but this girl is suppperrr hooooooooooooooot!!! in my opinion she looks way better than that kardashian whore

16 02 2009

Natasha’s booty is fake,there’s even picture’s showing her booty before she got it done

16 02 2009

Plus she had a nose job too,this girl has been trying to copy kim forever and she looks like a tranny kim.

22 05 2009

ummm who cares fake or not!!! this woman is hoottttt!!!! i want morrrre

14 03 2013

that shit fake, i’d still tax her tho, it’s jus her face is drawlin

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