The Wire Rap Up | Five Seasons in Five Minutes!

10 01 2009

One of our absolute favorite shows, HBO’s brilliantly under-recognized classic, “The Wire” receives the ultimate salute in a new video making the rounds on the web. DJ Mad Skillz and HBO have created a complete rap up of the show in the creatively clever, “Five Season in Five Minutes.”

For fans of the show, the video will probably make you initially smile and then pause and think, “hell I could have waited and saved myself a WHOLE lot of time!” With all of the corruption going on in the news including within the last 48 hours the impeachment of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and 12-count indictment of Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon (who as a councilwoman was portrayed on “The Wire”), here is another case of art imitating real life.

While the show had it’s critics, who said that the show reflected negatively on the city of Baltimore, you have got to give creator David Simon credit for the ability to weave so many multiple narratives focusing on different themes and his mind-boggling storytelling skills.

Now, if only someone could come up with a rap of of the Sopranos, that would be cool!




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