WTF! | The New York Daily News

9 01 2009

As football fans (including us) get ready for divisional playoff weekend, we had to pause once we got a look at a New York Daily News cartoon severely exaggerating the facial features of both Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb and New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

For some reason, the longer we look at this image the more disturbing it becomes. While the Daily News may have looked at this as innocent fun, by playing up age-old stereotypes of African and Jewish Americans to promote a playoff game seems more than a tad wrong.

Damn, would anybody sit still for this if a newspaper did a cartoon of President-Elect Barack Obama in this matter? We are not so far removed when these type of images were the rule instead of the exception. We’re sure that making Manning look like Gonzo with an elongated nose makes Jewish-Americans squirm as well.

Are we being too sensitive or does the image make you uncomfortable as well?

By the way, GO BIG BLUE!!!!!!!



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