Eye Candy | Nina Santiago

6 01 2009

Luscious Latina, Nina Santiago is almost single-handily keeping her male fans warm this winter with her laser-heat swag.

The sexy model interest include drawing, play my drums and piano, playing pool and watching movies. When Santiago is not hanging with her friends, she enjoys anything and everything that has to do with water.

Update: We erroneously mixed up our models; please disregard the earlier information on Ms. Santiago!





3 responses

8 01 2009
fan of the quote

you need to take this quote off. this chick did not and i repeat DID NOT state this quote. the myspace you have linked is the REAL person who created this quote. so if your going to use the other models quote. i think it would be wise of YOU to attach HER photo to these words. beings though THEY ARE MS. BORIQUA’S ORIGINAL WORDS. if not then, i smell a law suit happening.

25 02 2009

HOT LOOKING WOMAN GOD BLESS HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 08 2009
Nina Santiago

Update My Photos if your going to use them THANKs
Hugs And Kisses

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