25 Hottest Honeys in Film of 2008

5 01 2009


Once again it’s that time for us to spotlight some of the sexiest performances we witnessed on screen in 2008. Some actress were as fluid as liquid sex while others tried to submerged their hotness only to fail miserably (fortunately for us!)

We told you last year that “Nothing sells in Hollywood like steamy, hot, sex!” While it may have been true last year, some of the actresses who made our list really embodied the essence of what we define as “the newspaper performance.” For the uninitiated, a newspaper performance is one that gets a rise out of the fellas who must hide their surge with . . . a newspaper!

For an example, check out the steamy “Karma Sutra” and you’ll understand.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, we present the 25 Hottest Honeys in Film for 2008!

Natalie Portman | The Other Boleyn Girl
This self-proclaimed SNL bad girl seduced her sister’s lover in “The Other Boleyn Girl.” While “Naughty Natalie” left much to the imagination, her outgoing attitude made everyone understand while Henry VIII (Eric Bana) would throw Scarlett Johansson overboard to do the “beast with two backs” with Portman. Hell, wouldn’t you?

Vanessa Ferlito | Nothing Like the Holidays

While this film may have been forgettable, Ferlito’s sexy come hither expression coupled with her sexy Latina swag has had men daydreaming in theaters since her steamy debut in “On Line” (talk about a true newspaper performance!). Memo to Hollywood casting agents, the first one who puts this sexy actress in a film that spotlights her winning assets will forever be in our debt!

Saffron Burrows | The Bank Job
Aretha Franklin once sang that “a rose is still a rose,” which is exactly how we feel about this leggy bi-sexual British beauty. The former fashion model balanced out co-star Jason Statham’s sexiness with her own mysterious expression. In addition to providing cinematic eye candy in this film, Burrows also scored points for her lustful exchanges with Christian Slater in “My Own Worst Enemy.”

Thandie Newton | RocknRolla

It’s hard to ruin this sexy English beauty, unless you cast her as the hideously offensive Condoleezza Rice caricature in “W.” Thankfully, former Madonna boo, Guy Ritchie gave this sexy cutie the perfect platform for her to exude her petite brand of desire in the fast-paced, “RocknRolla.” We must admit, Newton reading a phone book snuggled by a fireplace would probably elicit the same effect!

Elizabeth Banks | Zack and Miri Make a Porno
After bursting on the scene ten years ago, Banks hit the cinematic jackpot starring in, get this, six films this year. But for our money the film that made everyone stand up notice this understated cutie was her irrepressible turn in “Zack and Miri Make a Porno.” How can you not like a film where Banks is the star of her own skin flick? Plus, all guys know it’s not the fast women that gets us hot, it’s all of the quiet, understated Banks of the world that makes our imaginations race!

Beyonce Knowles | Cadillac Records
Probably the most obvious choice of all the actress that made the list is the ultra-curvy former Destiny Child lead singer. After a rocky transition into cinema (“Pink Panther”), Knowles used her star power in no more than a handful of scenes in the bluesy “Cadillac Records.” Channeling Etta James, Beyonce displayed a sexy assuredness that usually is reserved for her special time with Jay-Z. Plus, she sings a hell of a power ballad that emote both passion and pain.

Charlize Theron | Hancock
After watching Theron strip down in those funky J’ADORE commercials, it’s easy to forget that although she is quite the accomplished actress, this South African native has legs that run from ceiling to floor. As the superhero yang to Will Smith’s yin in the summer hit “Hancock,” Theron demonstrated once again why is one of Hollywood’s most versatile and sexiest talents. Plus, tell me that the site of Theron in her tight superhero suit didn’t do it for you? If not, ask you men!

Angelina Jolie | Wanted
Much like Beyonce, Jolie is almost a no-brainer to make our list. As a gun-toting assassin who not only drives a MEAN car but also looks delicious in a towel, Jolie further cemented her sexy legend built from performances in past films such as “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider,” “Original Sin” and “Gia.” While now the mother of enough kids to field her own basketball team and married to one of Hollywood’s certified hunks, Brad Pitt, Jolie continues to balance out her serious work while letting her sexy flava breathe!

Anne Hathaway | Get Smart
This talented actress has come along way since her “Princess Diaries” franchise. The Golden Globe nominee has used her springboard from “The Devil Wear Prada” to star in two very different films in ’08. As a recovering substance abuser home for her sister’s wedding in the intense, “Rachel Getting Married,” Hathaway also unleashed her sexy as Agent 99 in “Get Smart.” While lacking on-screen chemistry with co-star Steve Carell, Hathaway’s sex appeal is the most memorable thing about this summer snoozer.

Meagan Good | The Love Guru
Since her breakout role a decade ago in “Eve’s Bayou,” Good has co-starred in several films showing up just how grown up she has become. As the girlfriend of psychologically confused hockey player, it is not an exaggeration to say that in one of the worst comedies of the year, every time Meagan was on screen it really was all GOOD. While we enjoy her visual “goodies,” it’s time for the sexy actress to use better judgment in picking roles that display more craft mixed with her sensuous . . .

Natalya Rudakova | Transporter 3
As a mysterious hostage enduring the ride of a lifetime, Russian actress/model Rudakova made a memorable debut. While many in my profession killed her acting, they all had to acknowledge the power of her super-sexy freckles, coupled with her smoking hot body that gave her the distinction as the sexiness redhead this side of Julianne Moore!

Eva Mendes | The Spirit
No woman on this list had a year like Cuban cutie, Mendes. While she could easily have been selected for the heat she generated as the other woman in “The Woman,” it was her performance as femme fatale, Sand Saref in “The Spirit” that sets fans hearts on FIYAH! As a bonus, she even had a brief nude scene that gave all of her breathless fans a few seconds of unmitigated pleasure. While Mendes acting skills are sometimes overshadowed by her physical gifts, you have to give the actress credit for letting her sexy breathe no matter what character she plays.

Cate Blanchett | The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
As one half of the year’s best onscreen romance, Blanchett is simply stunning as a sexy dancer in one of the year’s best films, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” Featuring several scenes that sped up fans heart’s rates, Blanchett seduces, dances and loves the man “born under unusual circumstances.” In one of the most unbelievable scenes in ANY movie this year, Brad Pitt TURNED DOWN the sexy dancer before coming to his sense and doing the “beast with two backs!” As if . . .

Kate Winslet | Revolutionary Road

Much like Mendes, five-time Oscar nominee Winslet has constantly balanced her amazing talent with varying degrees of “hotability.” As the female lead in the highest grossing film in history, “Titanic,” Winslet sexiness has already been certified. In her latest film, “Revolutionary Road,” she smolders as a dissatisfied housewife who yearns for a life of adventure while lumbering Leo wants to keep it steady. As a firefly stuck in a bottle, Winslet’s muted passion is the epitome of sexy acting.

Frieda Pinto | Slumdog Millionaire
While three actress play the role of love interest and third Musketeer, Latika, it was the grown-up, Pinto who emanated sweetness and sexiness. Even baring a sexy symmetrically-placed scar, Pinto’s debut found her pining over the low-key love of her life, Jamal Malik. Coming straight out of Mumbai, the Indian Catholic actress has a future as bright as her character at the conclusion of the surprise indie hit!

Natalie Martinez | Death Race
While the terrible racing film will take it’s place on the cinematic scrap heap, there was one highlight -Cuban-American Martinez. Riding shotgun with Jason Statham in “Death Race,” Martinez provided much-needed sexiness to the dark drab, futuristic tale. In addition to her film work, Martinez has also lent her sexy talents as a spokesmodel for JLO by Jennifer Lopez.

paz_vega_006Paz Vega | The Spirit
In a brief role as a scantily-clad dancing seductress in “The Spirit,” Vega simply radiated in a story that oozed with sexuality. Along with co-star Eva Mendes, Vega’s erotically-tinged dance made “The Spirit” easily the year’s hottest film. While mysterious to American audiences, the 33-year old Spanish actress has been generating heat on Mexican television for over a decade.

Penelope Cruz | Vicky Cristina Barcelona
After making our 2007 list for her sexy performance in “Volver,” Cruz earned another appearance for her passionate performance as a suicidal bisexual artist Maria Elena in opposite her real-life love, Javier Bardem in Woody Allen’s “Vicky Cristina Barcelona.” With sexy girlfriends such as Salma Hayek and Shakira, Cruz also holds the distinction as the first Spanish actress to receive an Oscar nomination.

Olga Kurylenko | Quantum of Solace & Max Payne
Another member of the ’07 class, internet favorite Kurylenko became a Bond girl in “Quantum of Solace” and was kicked out of bed again (remember “Hitman”) in the moody drama, “Max Payne.” While the sexy Ukraine actress has yet to have her first love scene onscreen, Kurylenko’s fans will probably OVERHEAT when the occasion finally does occur.

Marisa Tomei | The Wrestler
As a stripper with a heart of gold (and pierced nipples) it truly is a “Different World” for former television star, Marisa Tomei. In “The Wrestler,” Tomei gives table dances and helps co-star Mickey Rourke reconnect with his distance daughter. The 44-year old Italian stallion and Oscar winner should also enjoy an additional benefit from her best performance since “My Cousin Vinny,” another Oscar nomination.

Mila Kunis | Forgetting Sarah Marshall
While all of the pre-release buzz centered on co-star Kristen Bell, sexy former television star, Mila Kunis’ tender performance helped give the comedic story it’s heart and soul. In addition to being very fetching, charming and a certified dime, Kunis also showed that she also has skills as a straight person to the hilarious Jason Segal.

Carla Gugino | Righteous Kill
This sexy actress has been on our radar since she stepped in for J-Lo in the television series, “Karen Sisqo.” There is something very sensual about the eyes of Gugino who character took her eroticism to the next level as the kinky cop loving detective in “Righteous Kill.” Working out her rape/domination fantasies on-screen can’t be easy, but the 37-year old Gugino handled her duties like the true trooper she is and had fans contemplating her personal “fantasy island.”

176119_largeRosario Dawson | Seven Pounds
Another personal FilmGordon favorite, the delicious Dawson showed her sexy vulnerable side in the holiday drama, “Seven Pounds.” At times playful, and others alluring, Dawson showed a full range of emotions as a stunted woman dealing with a troubling heart condition. Displaying a touching tenderness and great onscreen chemistry, Dawson and Jada’s man made a fantastic couple.

Amy Adams | Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
Angela Bassett | Meet the Browns
Jada Pinkett Smith | The Women
Paula Patton | Swing Vote
Golshifteh Farahani | Body of Lies
Diane Lane | Nights in Rodanthe
Kate Bosworth | 21
Sharon Leal | Soul Men



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