Reel Ignorant | The Freaks Come Out at Night!

15 12 2008

What is wrong with OUR people. While surfing the web, I came across an absolutely disturbing fashion trend that illustrates that there is a FINE line between pushing the envelope and just being plain . . . nasty!

Plastic surgery cautionary tale, Lil’ Kim was making an appearance at a club over the weekend when she took a picture with a morally-challenged fan. Not content with her hooded Elvira swag, homegirl literally is going ASS-out!

Now, we’re as freaky as everyone else, but what ever happened to leaving something for the imagination. Here’s a newsflash, if we’re at the club and we have a drink in one hand and your cheek in the other, that mystery of getting to know you is out of the window. All ANYONE who checks you out can think about is the bump and grind . . . and you’re already halfway there!

It appears that we can have to call Whodini the hip-hop Nostradamus because they told us in the mid-80s that the “freaks come out at night” – and damn if they weren’t right!

Are you turned on or off by honey’s exposed cakes?




3 responses

15 12 2008
Mikey McFly

Im turned off due to the quality of the cheeks…. But yea she did go a bit too far with that one… the age of class and respect isnt what it once was

2 01 2009
Lady Di

Prince is the only one who can rock the azz out look. Nuff said.

5 01 2009

when monks get sexy.

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