WTF! | Just a Little More Jocelyn Wildenstein

17 11 2008


One glance at this picture and all we can say is HELL NAW!!!! What in Hades is on the mind of the “Catwoman,” Jocelyn Wildenstein? The better question is what do her and other who slice up the faces in the name of beauty actually seeking?

Looking like a cross between “The Wiz’s” Mean Ole Lion and a woman who took one savage back alley beatdown, repeat-offender Wildenstein is in MAJOR need of a surgical intervention. If any friends of hers happen to read this blog, we implore you to do ANYTHING to keep her away from anymore “supervised knifings!”

Lil’ Kim, please take a good look at this and Michael Jackson and just say no. Or maybe, you too want to constantly scare small children and animals when you get older.

The choice is yours!



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