Reel Shorts | The Expectations Game

14 11 2008


What a wild week it has been for President-Elect Barack Obama. As he and his inner circle contemplate how to deal with the myriad of problems that they will face after the inauguration, Obama keeps trying to ratchet down the huge expectations from hopeful electorate that has placed their faith in him.

With leaks springing up left and right (Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State!), Chicago Sun-Sentinel editorial cartoonist Chan Lowe offers his take below on how President-Elect Obama handles “The Expectations Game.”

This is beginning to look like Religious Theme Week, but believe me, it was unintentional.

Here, I’m responding to the faith many people are investing in Barack Obama and his perceived supernatural ability to pull us out of our morass.

The downside of giving people hope is that you’d better deliver, or they’ll turn on you–and they’ll be vicious about it. Obama knows this, and he’s trying to lower the expectation level so that folks don’t get disgruntled when their fortunes haven’t miraculously reversed themselves by January 21st.




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14 11 2008
Democratic America, Goverment and Election » Reel Shorts - The Expectations Game

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17 12 2008

your an idiot

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