Reel Ignorant | Sarah Palin

12 11 2008

exxonvaldezoilspillvictimsholdnewsconferencemvy8hrihqz_lOver a week after the election of President-Elect Barack Obama, Caribou Barbie Alaska Governor Sarah Palin once again revisited one of the losing themes from Campaign ’08 when she could not resist bringing up once again “domestic terrorist” Bill Ayers!

While saying that she’s ready to work with President Obama, Alaska’s Mooseheaded Chief Executive just had to go there one more time. When asked about campaign rhetoric regarding Obama’s patriotism, Palin again reiterated the losing G.O.P. party line.

“Well, I still am concerned about that association with Bill Ayers. And if anybody still wants to talk about it, I will, because this is an unrepentant domestic terrorist who had campaigned to blow up, to destroy our Pentagon and our U.S. Capitol. That’s an association that still bothers me.

And I think it’s still fair to talk about it. However the campaign is over. That chapter is closed. Now is the time to move on and to, again, make sure that all of us are doing all that we can to progress this nation.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer tried to throw Barbie a lifeline, but she would have none of it. When he asked her if she regretted using tough language during the campaign, she handled that question like hunting down moose.

“No, and I do not think that it is off-base nor mean-spirited, nor negative campaigning to call someone out on their associations and on their record. And that’s why I did it.”

While turnabout is absolutely fair play, we don’t have enough column to discuss a Vice President candidate who ran a gaffe-ful campaign. We won’t bring up Troopergate, her husband supporting secessionist, her rendevous with her African witch-doctor pastor or her $150,000 wardrobe. If the G.O.P. wants to bring this shiny empty vessel to the 2012 Presidential race, we think we speak for the Democratic Party when we say . . . bring it on!

Our suggestion is that you need to let it go and try to salvage the remainder of your political life. It is our humble opinion that everytime we see Barbie on the tube, we can see a bitter LOSER from our house!




2 responses

13 11 2008

The only reason she “reiterated the losing G.O.P. party line”, as you called it, is because the media asked her about it. It is not fair for you to attack her when the only thing she did was answer a question that the biased media asked her. There was no other way for her to answer that question; instead, she answered with the same answer as she had before– thus showing that she is not afraid of what people think. This may be her “damaging quality”, but remember,also, that Ronald Reagan had “damaging qualities” as well 🙂

The current Republican party is full of shit, and thats why we need a new face, albiet Palin or another new comer to shake up the core of the party, and slowly bring it into the 21th century.

I may disagree with you, but we can agree to disagree. Also, even though I am a Republican, I am excited to see where Obama will lead us. I have a sense of optimism 🙂

7 12 2008

I still find it very interesting that no one has decided to comment on this topic yet. I think Sarah Palin was/is doing a FINE job. Go her! Keep it up! (: (: (:

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