Cover Girl | Whitney Houston

12 11 2008

The only thing more profitable than a dead artist is a former great one on the verge of a monster comeback. After reaching the highest of heights and crashing down, Whitney Houston is back for one more chapter . . . but will the public still care?

The new CD entitled “Undefeated” will hit record stores in 2009. Unless Whit has been working all day and night at the gym, her Wonder Woman swag wins the award for the year’s best airbrush execution.

Let us get this straight, this is the same woman who was married to the King of R&B and was appearing in countless tabloids cracked out. This is the same woman who looks like a female bully ready to kick some sand in some unsuspecting punks face?

If Whit can make it rain on all of the new competition currently in the market and turn her life around, somewhere there is hope for the European Houston . . . Amy Winehouse!




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13 11 2008
Cover Girl Retraction - Whitney Houston « FilmGordon

[…] that pop star Whitney Houston had a new album droppin’ next year and we showed you the cover art. Lo and behold, the photoshop haters duped all of us, using a picture of supermodel Naomi Campbell […]

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