Reel Ignorant | Artur Gorski

10 11 2008

Not everyone thinks that President-Elect Barack Obama’s victory last Tuesday was historic. A Polish conservative lawmaker has referred to America’s next president as “black messiah of the new left” and said his victory marks the “end of the civilization of the white man!”

Poland’s Foreign Ministry has condemned Artur Gorski’s remarks and said it will urge Parliament’s Ethics Committee to review the case. Gorski is a little-known member of the opposition right-wing Law and Justice party. He made the remark to parliament on Wednesday, a day after Obama’s historic victory as America’s first African-American president.

Ministry spokesman Piotr Paszkowski says he doesn’t know what kind of punishment Gorski could face, but said the government wants to emphasize that it regards the remark as unacceptable.

C’mon Gorski, the end of civilization of the white man? It was just an election, not the extermination of a group of people. Obama is not a messiah or the second coming, just a highly qualified and smart candidate that ran one of the most successful campaigns in political history that is generating such good will because American has felt beaten down for the past eight years and was hungry for someone who could everyone believe in the promise that if we all work together that we can make this country great again!

So take your petty little comments and go hate on someone in your own country!




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11 11 2008

Every family has a black sheep…Gorski is that sheep. Overwhelmy, Poles supported Barack Obama’s candidacy. probes showed over 60% of Poles in favor of Illinois senator. Of course, Poles have to take this master of conservatism, ace in the sleeve of current president Kaczynski, under some kind of scrutiny. Frankly speaking we have a major problem with this religious fanatizm grouped around so-called Radio Maryja. These are responsible for all ksenofobia, antisemitism, and popular believe that only practicing katholic can be proudly named a Pole. They are a dangerous group that influences 1/3 of parliamentary votes, and holds Poland in its iron fists, prohibiting progress…Well, i think the time has come to change some things in Poland as well.

All the best.

22 09 2009

Na drzewo, komuchu. Górski’s statement went too far, but in the right direction…

11 11 2008
Temi Ogunniran

An ignorant remark from a lowlife politician from the eastern block called Artur Gorski is a stain on all of all eastern europeans who has been working very hard to make their region better. it only shows that he is an unsecured person with little intelligence.

11 11 2008
Przemek R.

Maybe, the statement of the Gorski is stupid, maybe it is very unfortunate from the Polish-American relationships’ point of view, maybe it’s exaggerated, but it can’t be said, that it’s racist. American newspapers tries to present it that way. Gorski were saying about Obama’s political views, not race, and the phrase “civilization of white man” is like “civilzation of Maya” or “civilization of Zulu”. Civilization of white man is simply civilization that comes from Europe. USA undoubtly is today a part of the civilization of white man. So what? Can’t we criticize black people? Can we only criticize ofays?

12 11 2008
Temi Ogunniran

I don’t really know how to pronounce your odd name, but whomever you are, you are still part of those bigots that still dwell in the complexities of supremacy of your forefathers. when you criticize, you do it with sense, heed in listening but be cautious to respond. I’m not even living is the US, I’m living in Ireland, where i take sides with the polish migrants that are being exploited. Let me teach you some common sense in history, a Zulu civilization is quite different from what Artur was saying, nobody ever refer the Zulu civilization as ‘Black Civilization, nor Maya civilization as brown or red civilization, so when did you become Artur Gorski’s spokeperson? morover to call obama a black man is to continue the process of appathied, because from a simple equation which a 5 years old is capable of solving, black + white = ? definitely not black nor white. nobody is ever black and nobody is ever white, if you are white, then you are already dead !!!, it were your european forefathers that brought about this black and white thing to exploit and make some race feel inferior, why are you all so cranky about Obama being president? if you have problem with that, then go back to warsawa or pozna or lublin or wherever and contest as well.

12 11 2008
Przemek R.

Well… frankly speaking, I’m also not sure how to pronounce your name, but it’s not the point. Luckily it is not a spoken conversation and we don’t have to make efforts to say our names. I’m from Poland and my country has never been a colonial empire so I really don’t need to dwell in the complexities of supremacy of my forefathers as well as I don’t feel responsible neither for exploiting black people nor for any race inferior. Moreover, in Poland, generally, we don’t have any prejudices to black people so I think we can be more objective in this matter than Americans. We even call black people Negroes and it’s not considered to be offensive.
I’m not sure if you have read my whole post or just a few first sentences but I don’t feel cranky about Obama being a president. Of course I don’t like Obama, but not becouse of his race but becouse of his political views. I just regard him as socialist, that’s why I don’t like him, but Obama is a problem of USA, not Poland.
I’m also not a Gorski’s spokeperson, I confirmed that his statement was stupid. I just wanted to emphasize – IT WAS NOT RACIST. Of course noone says that civilization of Zulu was a black civilization but just because the Zulu nation was just a small part of the whole of black society. The same with Maya. Maya civilization was just a part of the whole Indians. And for example Inkas civilization was also the Indian civilization but noone has any doubts that it was a completely different civilization than Mayas. But probably noone has doubts that Zulu civilization was a civilization of some black people and Maya civilization was a civilization of some Indians. In Europe we had a bit different situation. During ages Europeans has lived in many different countries, belong to different nations, speak many different languages, but all we are a one civilization – from Russia to to Ireland, from Norway to Italy, we are the civilization that has its roots in Bible, in Roman empire, in Christian religion, even if we are multireligous today. That civilization is a civilization of white man, even if many, more or less black people are the part of it. And calling it a civilization of white man doesn’t bring any value to it. It’s just a name.
I don’t understand, why black people don’t afraid to call themselves black, red people don’t afraid to call themselves red but if white people call themselves as white it is considered to be the racism.

15 11 2008
Other Przemek R.

Dear Przemek R.
Of course Gorski’s remark were rascist! How the conclusion that the election of a black man is enough to end the white men’s civilization not be rascist?
However, rascism isn’t the biggest flaw of that MP’s statement. It’s the ignorance and stupidity. If I were a right-winger I would be ashamed that a supposed “intellectual” of my side show himself to be a total ignoramous!
And at last, no Barack Obama isn’t a Socialist. Of course you’re probably from the party that believes that everyone left to Miltion Friedman is one so it probably doesn’t make sense to discuss this with you.

15 11 2008
Przemek R.

Dear Other Przemek R.

Well, if you don’t want, you don’t have to discuss with me. Then I won’t even argue with all that bullshit you typed. But on the end I want to tell you, that I remember Poland before 1989 that was considered to be a socialist country. And believe me, todays EU is much more socialist than People’s Republic of Poland from that times and the program of American Democratic Party is much more socialist than the program of Polish United Workers’ Party from that times. Believe in all that dumb things that you hear in TV if you want, but you will recall my words when this system will go bankrupt.

20 11 2008

Congratulations again Artur Gorski. His very pertinent opinions prove that Poland, in spite of having less freedoms-of-speech than the USA, is a freer country than the latter.

To the Poland Foreign Ministry: Lay your hands off Artur Gorski right now!

9 12 2008
Mark B.

Freedom of opinion lies at the heart of democracy. What is, however, more fundamental for the democracy is our active protection of our individual human rights. The poisonous logic that favors external factors over any internal content of a human being, in spite of however noble the content is, is well documented in human history and probably will remain ever-present. The most encouraging fact about Artur Gorski is that he is a human being. That fundamental truth overwrites all his internal irrationality he certainly posses. I pray that Artur, one day and before his dead-bed time, will understand that our individual humanity is what counts far more than any opinion, wrong or right, we may have.

The deep human joy, I witnessed and felt on the streets of New York on the night when Obama was elected, will echo timelessly unaffected, thank God, by the noise of our individual opinions.

Mark B.

P.S. I suspect that the “reel”, that appears in the title here, was indented to be “real”. Also, as being guilty of that in the past myself, I noticed that the word “ignorant” tends to be treated, especially by native Polish-speaking persons, as a noun while it is just an adjective.

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