Reel Ignorant | “Impeach Barack Obama” Facebook Groups

7 11 2008

It appears that both common sense and logic continue to be on permanent vacations in some parts of the country. Two days after Barack Obama became President-Elect and over two months before he is sworn in groups have begun popping up on social networking sites asking for his impeachment.

According to, an “Impeach Barack Obama” Facebook group has attracted more than 700 members, and a lively debate about the Democrat’s election victory on Tuesday over Republican John McCain.

Another Facebook group of the same name has 160 members and urges others to join because “we might as well get a head start on the impeachment of Obama.”

“There are a lot of Americans out there that do not fully understand the concept of Socialism or Communism which is why they’ve elected Obama as president,” it says.

Yet another Facebook group, “Impeach Barack Hussein Obama,” has 160 members.

It decries that Obama “has voiced support for various unconstitutional programs such as the assault weapons ban, universal healthcare, and various schemes for wealth distribution.”

“What are we going to do about it? IMPEACH HIM!” it says.

Obama still has some way to go, however, to equal the number of “Impeach George Bush” groups on Facebook, which lists at least 95 such groups with varying membership.

If this lunacy isn’t enough, earlier today Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai “demanded” that President-Elect Obama end civilian deaths.

So let us get this straight, Obama hasn’t been a President-Elect for 48 hours and disgruntled, uniformed conservatives want him impeach and a foreign leader wants him stop the violence in a section of the middle east?

Maybe McCain was right, Obama clearly is “THE ONE!”




3 responses

7 11 2008

They sure remind me of that pathetic Ashley Todd, a McCain supporter, whose brain is so indoctrinated with such hogwash that she can’t even define between a normal “B” and an inverted “B”. Too bad, there are still so many Stepford simpletons in this nation, so gullible and so easily turned into erratic suckers of indoctrinated Right Wing fear propaganda. Sadly, there’s nothing communities and societies can do to help these groups of people, unless they willingly seek psychological help.

No nation can hope to prosper if it fails to recognize that its most important and vital resource is the HUMAN RESOURCE. A healthy and strong WORKING force is what America needs… not a Powerful Force of manipulative Robber Barons with their corrupt, unethical and greedy knaves and footstools.

The Reagan Era opened the doors to corruption; the Nixon Era created leaders of corruption and fascism… the Obama Era is the beginning of the end to the many loopholes that allow Conservative fascism to plague this nation and create the mess for this great nation.

Years, since the Nixon Era, of Conservative Congressional control, bad politics and policies have turned even NY Chrysler Building into a foreign entity! Years, since the Nixon Era, of Conservative Congressional control and bad policies have bankrupted American corporations that had once survived for centuries. … leaving the younger generations to inherit trillions of dollars in National Debt.

Radical and fascist Conservative ideals have destroyed this once glorious nation and have allowed seeds of division and hate to grow. The United People of America are, at last, having their voices heard: The days of the radical and fascist Conservatives and their distorted lies, hate, and divisive tactics are OVER, yes, OVER! Americans will STAND UNITED.

Whatever the radical Conservatives say can be expected to bring ill to this nation and the united American people… as we’ve seen in the last decade. The corrupt Republican FAT CATS and their knaves have sold out America for their personal gain. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

23 01 2009
Gary Smith

What your going to find out is that just like those with Bush Derangement Syndrome there are people on the right that can scream for four years too.

9 04 2009
Tiffani Hardy

People need to realize that the color of his skin does not define him as a human, he stood up for all races and what white people don’t realize is that Obama is part white as well and bleeds just like them. Racism is old and stupid. so if Obama fails this whole country fails black, white or otherwise… People need to wake the fuck up!

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