Reel Ignorant | McDonald’s Wedding Reception

6 11 2008

We know that times are hard, but has it really come to this? Recently a young couple and their wedding party had their reception at a McDonalds restaurant!

While we are sensitive to the challenges of the economy, all we can is McDonald’s? We may have given them a pass if they rented out the spot, but there’s another thing entirely when the entire wedding party had to order off of the $1 menu!

We sure would have like to be in the house when the bride and groom cut the Apple Pie!





One response

7 07 2009
Daryl Ann

Wow you guys! Way cool! lol my fiance & I also wanted a wedding reception at McDonald’s because we actually met there! It looks so nice thank you for letting me know what it would look like ^_^
btw how much would it cost to rent one out for a day?

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