Reel Shorts | LeBron James

3 11 2008

While we may not be huge fans of all-world talent LeBron James on the court (we’re not saying he’s all that, but he crushes OUR team every year!), dude is establishing himself as a top-flight pitchman for Nike. His latest ad, After Six co-starring Pussycat Dolls frontwoman Nichole Scherzinger, is one of the best spots we’ve seen in a long time!

Bron Bron in serious mack mode sets the perfect mood. Complete with soft sexy music, a warm inviting fireplace and his pet gold fish, Sir Charles, he has some special gifts for his equally sexy lady. Rocking a serious ‘fro and with a smooth delivery, Bron Bron helps “Naughty Nichole” slip on something sexy!

The more we check him out in these spots, the more we think he has the makings of a superb comedic star.

In the word of Bron Bron, “don’t pump fake me now!”





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