WTF! | Obama Waffles

14 09 2008

As Barack Obama tries to run an honorable race of issues and ideas that will move the country forward, there still remain people trapped in the “nostalgia” of the past who just can’t let it go. There latest attempt to portray him as a modern-day slave is the introduction of a new product, “Obama Waffles.”

With imagery that evokes Uncle Ben’s or Aunt Jemima, the makers of Obama’s Waffles were pushing their product at the Values Voters Summit sponsored by the Right Wing Family Research Center. Featuring Obama’s picture with exaggerated features, rap lyrics and images of him wearing a turban and a sombrero, the two idiots who devised this racist, disgusting product have the gall to try to try to justify that it was all done in fun.

It was earlier this week that John McCain took Obama to task because he THOUGHT he called Palin a pig. What do you think would happen if in an attempt to rally the Democratic base, that someone came out with a tasteless product centered around McCain? We are tired of standing on the sidelines and watching Obama’s campaign be held to one standard while his opponent and his conservative surrogates operate without conscience or moral backbone.

We don’t have a problem if you disagree with Obama’s position, but don’t diminish the man and his race in the process. Here really is a case that if you put lipstick on a pig, at the end of the day it’s still two entrepreneurial idiots, minus the lipstick!





3 responses

16 09 2008

William Grinstead and Emmanuel Driggers’ ancestors is not going to like this due to the offensive nature of the Obama Waffles.

4 12 2008

Arlene Elshinnawy is an African-American and she is not going to like this due to the offensive nature of Obama Waffles. I am glad she is not around to see the effects of it.

27 07 2011

People should stop the offensive labeling. It is like naming the label Dantzler waffles (a great deal of Dantzlers are black.)

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