Trailer Park | Changeling

13 09 2008

Throughout his impressive career director Clint Eastwood has mined one hit after another becoming one of the most consistent forces working in Hollywood. His upcoming film, “Changeling,” appears to be yet another feather in the cap of one of Tinseltown’s true cinematic giants.

The film is set in 1920s Los Angeles and is based upon the Wineville Chicken Murders, an infamous kidnapping and murder case that occurred from 1928 through 1930 and received nationwide attention in the United States. When the son of Christine Collins (Angelina Jolie) is returned to her after being kidnapped, she suspects that the child is not her own. After being vilified as an unfit mother, Christine confronts the city authorities and corruption in the Los Angeles Police Department in order to find out the truth.

The drama also stars Oscar nominees John Malkovich and Amy Ryan. Produced by Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and Eastwood, the director also performed the score for the film.

The trailer looks intense as Jolie has the rare skill of being able to pull off almost any genre effectively. The trailer is tailor-made for Oscar consideration.

“Changeling” opens in theaters on October 31.




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