“Mad” About Don Draper!

13 09 2008

One of the best and most interesting leading men on television can be found on AMC every Sunday night. As the creative director of Sterling Cooper, Don Draper may not be the heart but is definitely the soul of winning series, “Mad Men.”

In an earlier post, we talked about how the show’s “Dapper Don” participated in one of the most chilling scenes on network television. During the show’s second season, Draper has endured ups and downs dealing with a celebrity client, Jimmy Barrett and his manager/wife, Bobbie.

After Jimmy insults the wife of a prominent sponsor, Draper arranges for Bobbie to get him to apologize. But thinking she has Draper over a barrel Bobbie tries to extort additional money and media attention instead of simply doing the right thing.

All we can say is check out Draper’s abrupt response. “Cold blooded, what more can I say, sexy, sexy, sexy!”

“Mad Men” airs Sunday nights at 10pm on AMC.



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