Eye Candy | Claudia Verela

12 09 2008

Sexy Latina Claudia Verela wants everyone to know that just because she’s from Arizona doesn’t mean that everything in her home state is boring – and old!

This gorgeous Scottsdale native has an enticing mix of Haitian and El Salvadorian bloodlines. Modeling since the late 1990s, Verela is a DJ – and horror film aficionado!

Counting horror classics such as “The Exorcist” (I can watch it a thousand times and it still scares the bejezus out of me!), the 1930’s German silent film, “Nosferatu,” “Zombie” (the international title for the amazing classic, “Dawn of the Dead”) and “Night of the Living Dead” are among her favorites.

It’s not just horror that gets Verela excited, she also shares our love of Al Pacino films. “He’s such a great actor with so many awesome movies under his belt,” says the sexy Latina. “I’ve watched a ton of his movies! I love his character in “Ocean’s Thirteen.” There’s so many: “Insomnia,” “Any Given Sunday,” “The Devil’s Advocate.”

While Verela presents herself first and foremost as a lady with class, she warns the haters that she has another side. “I didn’t mean it in that sense. I’m not the type of girl that fights. I would never put myself in a situation like that. I am outspoken and sometimes the things that come out of my mouth are not so “refined”. I curse a lot and my boyfriend has labeled me his “trucker girlfriend.”

This beauty has also been a DJ on Chunga Radio since July 2007.

To see more of this gorgeous Latina, visit her site or check out more pictures of her below.





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21 03 2009


25 04 2009

Claudia is undoubtedly the most gorgeous mouth watering goddess, I have ever seen. if only my wife were this HOT! Claudia, thankyou…

7 08 2011

post more pics!

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