Conversation with . . . Sanaa Lathan

12 09 2008

With the exception of “Out of Time,” most of the roles that Sanaa Lathan has played been of the good girl. Even when she did “Alien Vs. Predator,” you just knew that she would be there to save the day because she was the heroine of the film.

For actresses, there aren’t that many parts in Hollywood other than the ubiquitous girlfriend/ wife of the male lead role. I do admit that Sanaa has had a good share of parts that separates her from her colleagues when you think of “Love and Basketball,” “Disappearing Acts,” “Brown Sugar” and “Out of Time,” but she’s never had a part that was totally a 360 turn as the one that Tyler Perry has given her for his latest film, “The Family That Preys,” which is the story of two families from different walks of life who learn to work together. With Alfre Woodward playing her mother again for the third time and Taraji P. Henson playing her sister, Sanaa had a ball of a time playing someone completely opposite of what’s she used.

In an interview with Wilson Morales, Lathan talked about her role, working with Woodard again, and her upcoming projects, which includes the animated show with Nia Long.

To read the entire interview, click here.



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