WTF! | Fatman Scoop

9 09 2008

Here is another example of what happens when you let “your cousin” go out the house, unsupervised. Hip-hop promoter, Fatman Scoop showed up on the red carpet of the VMAs forgetting the rest of his clothes!

Dressed in a t-shirt, heart-covered boxers, black socks and beach sandals, Scoop looked like white-hot mess. The interesting thing was that he was joined by his wife, who was fully dressed. Go figure!

If there was a point to be made by this ridiculous display is that people will do ANYTHING to get a little attention at awards shows. Who can forget Diddy bringing Jennifer Lopez to an awards show with a see-through floral dress that was revealing in all the right places?

At least Scoop lived up to his name, displaying enough handles that a couple of people could have picked him up and hoisted him inside. One more thing, if you’re going to wear something this wacked, shouldn’t it at least match?





2 responses

10 09 2008

I give him credit for being comfortable enough with himself to go out the house with all his fat rolls showing. You go, boy! LOL.

11 09 2008

I hope he was doing that to promote an album or a line of big azz underwear that he may have coming out!

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