McCain & Bush | We Belong Together!

6 09 2008

We’ve often heard that a picture can say a “thousand words.” Well in this case, we thought we’d also attach a song to express how we really feel about the Republican nominee. Our apologies in advance to Mimi, songstress Mariah Carey.”

While the GOP runs from the “B word” (Bush) like it was a stalking bill collector, we feel an obligation to constantly remind the “agents of blame,” McCain/Palin that in your attempt’s to “shake up Washington” don’t forget that your apple doesn’t fall far from the rotten tree of your party’s divisive, isolationist policies put forth by President George W. Bush and the “shoot his friends in the face” puppetmaster “Dick” Cheney!

We found it positively disgusting that for months we have heard that Barack Obama’s oratory skills were looked at as something that held little or no value, that is until Sarah Palin electrified the base at the GOP Convention. Suddenly, the ability to “move a crowd” was all the conservative right could talk about. While Obama implored the media and his campaign not to make families an issue when Palin’s daughter, Bristol was coming under constant attack, let’s not forget how uncomfortable the GOP made Michelle Obama feel when she discussed her patriotism.

Furthermore, Obama has repeatedly claimed that patriotism doesn’t have a party, but the “Country First” signs on full display in St. Paul would indicate otherwise. For our uninformed, backward thinking, family values crowd to quote Senator Obama, ENOUGH.

We don’t trust YOU to fix something that you are largely responsible for destroying;

We are tired of being the world’s laughingstocks because we have a President that clings to tightly to his religion . . . while sending other people’s children over to fight senseless wars with OUR tax paying dollars and guns;

While we’re at it, tell McCain to stop telling us that surge is working – we simply don’t care. If we had gone in with a plan or hell not gone in at all, there would be no need to send some poor young man/woman repeatedly to the same conflict;

To Georgia congressman Lynn Westmoreland, YOU sir are a racist, ignorant bigot who just doesn’t seem to understand that when you call Obama “uppity,” what you’re really saying is that that “n-gg–” needs to be put in his place. At another time in my life, we would have implored some brothers to take the “Midnight Train to Georgia” to beat your trifling a– down!

And finally, a close friend of ours gave us an interesting perspective on McCain’s bid for the presidency. Within his family lineage, McCain’s grandfather and father were Navy Admirals while he only attained the rank of Captain. While falling short in his military obligation, McCain has constantly looked for ways to serve his country and measure up to his legacy.

First as a congressman, later as a Senator and now another run for the presidency, our message to McCain is to stop trying to work out your family issues at the country’s expense – and while you’re at it, quit looking at Palin’s a– during rallies; it’s embarrassing and is definitely NOT sexy!


The Bush/McCain theme song




2 responses

6 09 2008
Eight is Enough Shirts

Great stuff! I agree that there is WAY too much bigotry going on in conservative politics today. I’m proud to see a black man and a couple of women finally emerge in our national politics, but that isn’t what makes Obama a great leader, or Clinton (Palen to a lesser extent) great role models for women…I think it’s very sad that we are WAY behind other Industrialized nations in this regard. Look over in Europe. They’ve been electing national leaders that are female, and of other ethnicities for generations now. Why are we so behind the times? Specially, since we are supposedly such a melting pot or tossed salad as you might say.

9 09 2008

“We Belong Together”? I guess if you want to be accurate, McCain has sided with Bush less than Obama has sided with his 9% approval rating Democratic Congress. 97% Obama has voted with his cronies, McCain 90% with Bush.

The worst Democrat majority Congress in the history of these United States of America and Obama is right in the middle of their group hug.

So who really belongs together?

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