Eye Candy | Vickie 6

6 09 2008

Inspired by Spike Lee’s film, “Girl 6, model Victoria Taylor working moniker may be Vickie 6, but with a combination of charm and incredibly attractive physical “ass-ets,” she may prove to be the one!

This Vegas-born beauty loved the idea of sensuality and possibility her name possesed. ““When Girl 6 came out, they played up the fantasy theme over the phone,” says the Vegas-born beauty. “But now, in the Internet age, your fantasy can be fulfilled in real time.”

While you’ll have to be content with checking out her picture, that’s not a problem – this cutie is quite a looker! In addition to her stunning beauty, Taylor has ten piercing that makes for interesting fashion choices. “I like to match my nipple rings to my jewelry sometimes,” says Vickie. “They’re fun to play with, shake and wiggle. And I’ve always thought it would be pleasurable to get my hood done. We’ll see . . . maybe.”

While her name was inspired by a phone sex operator, Taylor clearly doesn’t practice what is preached. “No, phone sex makes me too anxious,” Vickie admits. “It’s good foreplay, but you have to at least be close enough where we can do something after. If not, I’ll explode.”

After looking at your photos, we understand the feeling!

More Vickie 6.



7 responses

8 09 2008


10 09 2008

one word…inf**kingcredible!

10 09 2008

Great Caesar’s Ghost!

24 09 2008

are there anymore website for her.

11 10 2008

one word to describe: spectacular, yessssss!!!

4 02 2010
Rona Panama

Thank you for the intriguing read! Alright playtime is over and back to school work.

2 08 2012
jayjr melton


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