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3 09 2008

After two weeks of watching conventions we believe that if an alien civilization exists and they were watching the 2008 Presidential Race, they would either be laughing their asses off or shaking their heads (or whatever they use) in disbelief. For all we know, they could be doing both!

If you didn’t no any better you would think this year’s Republican convention looked just like it would have looked 50 years ago – with the exception of color television versus black-and-white. The contrast between the high-energy of the DNC, the RNC appeared as if the room of White largely senior citizens were past their bedtimes. With President George H.W. Bush and his mother wife Barbara in attendance, the participants waved “Country First” signs at every opportunity.

A week ago, Barack Obama CLEARLY said in his acceptance speech that “patriotism has no party” – too bad the Republicans didn’t get the memo. Speaker after speaker talked about how John McCain and his party always put their country first. We find it interesting that the underlying message is that if you’re not a Republican, we put everyone BUT America first. If the neocons (neo-conservatives) had their way, only conservatives could live in America and everyone else be damned.

Okay, we’re back!

After a stirring tribute to the party’s iconic hero Ronald Reagan, then there were the sad sack group of speakers. In a group that could have been entitled, “The Doofus, The Actor and The Traitor,” W. appeared via satellite from the White House (much to the relief all in attendance; who wants the most unpopular person in the Republican Party at the convention stinking up the proceedings?) to pledge his support for HIS guy, McCain. Next up was “UnLawful and DisOrderly” Wrong Said Fred Thompson who fired up the conservative base by slamming those “scary liberals” and the woefully inexperienced Obama. No surprise there, it was to be expected at the RNC. But the evening’s most distasteful moment belong to LIEberman.

The former Democratic VP candidate from 2000 took to the stage to pledge his support for his friend, “John.” But instead of just focusing on why he supports McCain and their long friendship, LIEberman took several shots at the nominee of the party where his chairmanship lie. He misrepresented lied that Obama didn’t have a record of “reaching across the aisle” to get anything done. By the time he once again appealed for Democrats and Independents to cast aside their party affiliations and put their country first, we almost threw up in our mouths.

Sidebar Two
How uncomfortable, yet funny was it to see a turncoat Democrat talking about President Bill Clinton’s accomplishments – and getting applause at the RNC? The longer LIEberman spoke it appeared the antsier the convention hall got. It was as if he would revert back to his . . . liberal ways and make like Dave Chappelle saying, “Got You Bit—-!”

Once again, we’re back!

Most of the night centered around pundits discussing the selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin who appears to have one foot in and the other in withdrawal land. There is nothing the media loves more than a fresh face on the scene. Just as Obama was put under the heavy glare of a probing media and turned inside out, Palin is undergoing the same type of treatment. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t voluntarily run for office, but was selected. The difference is that Obama had time to prepare for the media onslaught, Palin on the other hand was thrust into the race.

No matter what the McCain campaign would have you believe, Palin clearly was not vetted properly. There is no way that McCain would have picked someone he only met once who is under investigation for abuse of power, has a daughter who is five months pregnant and God knows what else the media will find. Of course, his campaign can’t tell the truth, but their actions speak louder than their hollow words. By sending a “senior” team to Alaska, his campaign is trying to downplay the significance of “Troopergate.”

Several years ago during a heated hip-hop beef, Nas slammed Jay-Z album choice by telling him that KRS-1 had already made an album called “The Blueprint.” We may not be as old as McCain (hell, who is in this campaign!), but last time we checked we thought James Garner was “Maverick.” McCain, we know James Garner, he is a friend of ours and John McCain, you’re no Maverick! (come to think of it, Tom Cruise was an even better Maverick in “Top Gun!)

To all our conservative brethern, tone down the hateful rhetoric. “W.” talked about “the angry left.” If he lost his job, was in danger of having his home foreclosed, bought gasoline or food and was trying to save money, “W.” would figure out quick why the left, right and middle were pissed.

Watching the convention and listening to the speeches, it almost appeared that the Republicans were living in an alternate universe – maybe the same one where aliens continue to see us as puzzling sources of amusement!




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3 09 2008

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