Hot Trax | Sanctuary

22 08 2008

Oscar-nominee Terrence Howard tries to get his vocals on his debut single, “Sanctuary.” Transitioning from a studio gangster rapper in “Crash” to a sensitive balladeer may be his greatest role yet.

“The Iron Man” actor debuts the video for his latest song, from his upcoming album, “Shine Through It.” Reportedly, his first single was inspired by Heidi Klum’s love story (huh?), finds Howard crooning over a soothing melodic track. While not really sure if Howard was really going for the whole “nasal” vibe, nevertheless he’s bringing strong.

Some of his other songs will feature a light-rock, jazzy feel, like “Love Makes You Beautiful” and anti-materialist “Plenty.” Furthermore, Howard declares that he has written songs talking about childhood in “Mr. Johnson’s Lawn,” and grown-up romance in “No. 1 Fan,” “She Was Mine,” and “Spanish Romance.”

He could only hope for the type of success that another Oscar-winning peer, Jamie Foxx, enjoyed recently with his music career. The multi-talented Foxx’s most recent CD, “Unpredictable” went platinum.

We haven’t heard Howard’s entire album, but judging from his first effort the jury is out on whether he has the chops to maintain his new side hustle.

His new album, “Shine Through It” hits stores on September 2.




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