Eye Candy | Natalie Martinez

22 08 2008

While “Death Race” may not be fun to watch, the same can’t be said for Cuban-American co-star Natalie Martinez. This sultry sexy actress is sure to make pulses of male admirers “race” in anticipation.

A spokesmodel for Jennifer Lopez’s fashion line, “JLo,” the 24-year old actress/model makes her film debut in “Death Race.” Martinez, who is Cuban-American, views Lopez, a Puerto Rican born in New York, as a role model for her own career.

“She’s a designer, a musical act, a dancer, an actress,” Martinez says. “As an actress, she’s opened things up for the rest of us by not just playing hot Latinas, but playing all kinds of roles.”

Martinez was in high school when Lopez personally selected her from a field of almost 6,000 young women to be the face of her design company. Martinez had no expectations going into the contest, even as the field narrowed and she kept surviving the cut.

“Me and my mom were trying to figure out who was going to win – and we didn’t think it would be me,” she says. “I was just trying to figure out what people were seeing in me.”

Apparently, the gorgeous Latina has a very different perspective as it relates to her beauty. “I see a tomboy with scars and bruises everywhere,” she says. “I just see me, Natalie.”

We see a shiny dime piece that hopefully will get a lot more work in Hollywood.

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7 09 2008

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10 09 2008
eye candy

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7 12 2008

u acting was amazing in death race.i very much liked ur entry

1 01 2009
Dimaz Novariyanto

This Girl was Very Sexy, Beauty And So Hot in Death Race.
Two Thumbs Up.

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