Reel Quotes | Robert Downey, Jr.

14 08 2008

With his latest film, “Tropic Thunder” raining on the competition at the box office this weekend, Robert Downey, Jr.’s controversial, melanin-enhanced character, Kirk Lazarus was the subject of a recent interview. Downey speaks about “the Blackness!”

“No, why would I? See, I’m not an idiot, I don’t think, lately. There was times I’d be, I’d go through, I’d be in makeup for a couple hours and they’d be setting up some big shot or whatever. I’d go back to my trailer and I’d close the door and I would lock it. I’d just look at myself in the mirror and I would talk to myself as the character and I swear to God, it was one of the most therapeutic [exercises]. I’d look at myself and just be like, “You beautiful man.” And I would actually have this strange transcendent experience.

It could have maybe happened in other ways, like I’ve done other special effects jobs. Once I was covered in hair. That was different. That was like I was making peace with my beast, whatever, but this was an American guy who’s an actor who’s been raised in seeing the film industry become much more integrated, still living in an urban city that is largely, I’m realizing, segregated in a country that is verging on an opportunity of taking big leaps or taking steps to the side or backward.

Meanwhile, I’m an actor for hire and I make faces for cash and chicken and I thought that this job could be really cool and funny and interested. But to answer your question, I loved it. Then it had to end because it had to end because it would be inappropriate if I was still black when the movie was over.

Downey, when asked if he “took his character out for a test spin.”




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20 08 2008
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