DVD Den | War, People and . . . Ali!

11 08 2008

In the latest installment of the DVD Den, Wesley Snipes comes out of retirement and finds himself embroiled in an assassination plot in “Art of War: The Betrayal.”

Also new in the Den are two additional films about the early years of “The Greatest” and a dysfunctional college professor learns to cope with his late wife’s memories.

Art of War: The Betrayal
When Agent Neil Shaw (Snipes) comes out of hiding to vindicate his former mentor’s murder, he winds up on the trail of betrayal and lethal corruption. Under the charge of his friend and a senatorial candidate, his mission is to set things straight. But when more people turn up dead, Shaw realizes that he’s been set up as bait.

Muhammad Ali: Made in Miami
The film examines the champion’s years in the Magic city as some of his most formative; the crucial time of transformation that rendered the talented Cassius Clay into the larger-than-life legendary Ali.

Smart People
A clueless, self-absorbed college professor learns to cope with his late wife’s memories and his dysfunctional family when his free-spirited brother comes back into his life in the absurd comedy/drama, “Smart People.”




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