Conversation with . . . Robert Downey, Jr.

8 08 2008

Earlier this spring, we expressed our concern about whether Robert Downey’s updated “blackface” performance in the upcoming film, “Tropic Thunder” would be offensive. While sometimes looks can be deceiving, let’s just say that we checked it out and Downey still remains one of our favorite actors.

In an interview with Heather Newgen, Downey talks about the comedy and the best cinematic summer of his life.

We’ve already seen Robert Downey Jr. in one of the summer’s biggest blockbuster smash hits and now the “Iron Man” star gives another stellar performance in Paramount Pictures’ outrageous and raunchy comedy, “Tropic Thunder,” co-starring Ben Stiller and Jack Black.

Downey plays Kirk Lazurus, an Australian five-time Oscar-winning movie star whose next project is a big budget war film in which he portrays a black Vietnam solider. The director (Steve Coogan) of the film can’t get his A-list celeb cast in check so he sends them into the jungle to teach them a lesson, however they end up having to really defend themselves when they run into a drug smuggling operation.

To read the rest of the interview, click here.




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