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5 08 2008

The one thing that has been so surprising, yet expected was that how much and often race has so dominated this General Election season. Whether it was Senator Hillary Clinton and the “hard working whites,” the assertion that Senator Obama only got this far because he was Black or comparing him to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, the onslaught has been steady, consistent and constant. Now country singer Toby Keith puts his two cents in to say that Obama has only gotten this far because he acts like a White person!

Our friends over at have a category called “Ho Sit Down,” for people who just get out of pocket and say the most ridiculous things. Well we don’t have that here but “What the F—” was Mr. “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue” Keith talking about when he says, (and we quote) that Senator Barack Obama is only the Democratic nominee because acts White?

In a radio interview last week with Glenn Beck, Keith told the talk show host that “I think the black people would say he [Obama] don’t talk, act or carry himself as a black person.”

“What does that even mean?” the audibly shocked Beck replied.

“Well, I don’t know what that means,” Keith drawled, “but I think that that’s what they would say. Even though the black society would pull for him I still think that they think in the back of their mind that the only reason he is in [the general election] is because he talks, acts and carries himself as a Caucasian.”

Alrighty then!

While Keith is talking about Obama’s carriage, he is performing a pro-lynching anthem on the talk show circuit. The song, “Beer For My Horses,” features the lyrics, “hang ’em high, for all people to see.” So on one hand, you’re criticizing Obama for acting like you and deceiving the people but in the back of your mind you wish you could do with him what you sing about in your song.

Yet Keith would be the first to call himself a patriot and ardent lover of America but does not love the idea of what the country was built on. Maybe, the original idea of a group of slaveholders who put people of color in their place is THE VERY IDEA that Keith seeks to hold on to and him and his legion of supporters feel threatened and upset that the status quo could possibly be changing.

We don’t mind if you have a problem with the perceived lack of experience that Obama has. Maybe his policies rub you the wrong way or maybe somewhere deep in your spirit you’re skeptical because his ability to serve as a powerful orator and speaker sometimes sounds if it could be too good to be true. Dislike the man for any number of reasons but NEVER because of the color of his skin.

This country has become a global power and leader because of the diversity of ALL of its people, Black, White, Red, Yellow and Brown. Unfortunately for Keith and his kind, they live in a colorblind society where the only color they see – and respect happens to be the color that looks just like him and his ignorant kind!

Toby Keith interview with Glenn Beck




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5 08 2008

I wish we could get past all this garbage and talk about the issues, but I know that is never going to happen. As a former Obama supporter, I’ve seen and heard more than enough.
Look, I’m 50 years old, my first vote was for Carter back in 1976, and that was based on his fierce opposition to segregation. Any one who has known me during the past decades would laugh if you called me a racist. I contributed to Obama’s campaign twice and voted for him in the Pa. primary.
How odd I thought it was, that I had to defend myself for watching a stupid TV show, Ugly Betty, because America Ferrera was a Hillary supporter. Obviously, America is a racist…
When I left over Patrick Murphy’s disgusting antics, he’s my Congressman, I too have become a racist.
In all honesty, I wouldn’t give a crap about what anyone calls me, but when my African-American granddaughter gets forced into the conversation, that’s evil, hateful, and wrong.

5 08 2008


The point of my post was to point out that this race has given people who would normally hide in the shadows the courage to come forward and share their true feelings about Senator Obama’s race in ways that we all thought that as a country we were making progress. But the threat of an African-American holding the country’s highest office has put many Americans on edge – sometimes in ways that they themselves didn’t expect.

7 08 2008
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