Reel Images | W.

5 08 2008

Here is the poster for Oliver Stone’s upcoming biopic on President George W. Bush, “W.

Stone’s choice of artwork conveys a sense of anticipation and suspense. Showing star Josh Brolin in makeup as President Bush preparing for a media event is wonderful idea that gives the poster an almost intimate, in-your-face feel that you’re behind the scenes watching everything unfold.

It’s clear from the art and the trailer that the film will not attempt to make fun of the President, it will just present the facts in a way that you can make your own determination about his character in job that he performed running the country for the past eight years.

Translation, if you like his policies, you’ll probably HATE the film while the majority of Americans who hate his policies, his cabinet and advisors, his stance on the war, the swarmy way he uses his faith as a bludgeon well . . . you know the rest.

Special thanks to for the artwork.

“W.” opens in theaters in October.




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