The Tale of Two Blogs | Obama Rules!

4 08 2008

While reading yesterday’s Washington Post, we discovered an interesting features that reinforces Senator John McCain’s popularity as a celebrity. On the web, Senator Barack Obama is not only popular but his reach is everywhere!

Wordle, a site that generates “word clouds” from a given text, helps us visualize some of the most pressing issues that the presidential candidates would like to imprint upon voters’ minds these days. The size of the words indicates the frequency with which they appear. But which is which? Using text from John McCain’s blog, one name really pops out, and it’s not his: “Obama.” And using Obama’s blog, it’s pretty much the same. His opponent’s name doesn’t show up at all — eh, why even acknowledge the guy?

Take from this what you will. In any case, both candidates would do well to watch what they say on the Interwebs: Every word counts.




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