Black Film Classic | Beverly Hills Cop (1984)

13 07 2008

We hate to say we told you so, but the decline of a comic legend continues. Eddie Murphy’s new film, “Meet Dave” opened in seventh place with a paltry $5.3 million making it one of his worst opening weekends ever.

Only “Holy Man” and “The Adventures of Pluto Nash” save Murphy the embarrassment of seeing his latest hit rock bottom. We told you that Murphy’s career has been in a steady creative decline for over a decade.

But as this clip from “Beverly Hills Cop” shows, Murphy USED to be very, very funny. One of the things that we miss about Murphy was his stare. He employed this tactic when his character discovers something that either catches him off guard or he’s about to go off. During the hotel scene, he employs it twice for maximum comedic effect.

Trust us, this short clip is funnier than watching ALL of “Meet Dave!”




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