Trailer Park | The Dark Knight’s Final Trailer

9 07 2008

Trailer #4

. . . and the bonus “Wizard World Footage,” first shown a year ago!

With less than ten days to go, the Hollywood hype machine is churning into overdrive as the Summer Movie season’s most anticipated film, “The Dark Knight” is poised to make cinematic history.

With the film slated to open on Friday, July 18th, theaters are having such a hard time meeting demand that they are scheduling times that will have audiences watching the film while many are sleeping. According to Fandango, theaters are now scheduling 3am and 6am showing for Friday morning to accomodate ticket buyers.

Usually with a film this large, major studios will open the film as wide as possible. Let’s say that “The Dark Knight” opens in over 4,000 theaters, with say many multiplexes having it showing in multiple theaters. Coupled with early screenings and wide distribution, “The Dark Knight” may be the first film poised to do the previously unthinkable – become the first film to open with $200 million!

We’re not saying that it will happen, but judging from the advance buzz in the film critic community, the almost rabid fan interest from fans in cyberspace and the overwhelming interest in checking out Heath Ledger’s final performance coupled with one of the strongest brands in all of comics, “The Dark Knight” is on the precipice of redefining what success looks like from a blockbuster summer release.

Remember, nobody thought a three-hour film made primarily on water would be a hit after “Waterworld,” but “Titanic” grossed $1.8 billion, was the number one film for 15 weeks and won 11 Oscars. It too was rated PG-13 – just like the upcoming cinematic tsunami known as “The Dark Knight.”




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