Hot Trax | Spotlight

7 07 2008

Former American Idol contestant and Oscar-winning actress, Jennifer Hudson’s new single is burning up urban radio and recently came to our attention from an unlikely source – my man with his ear to the street and our unofficial correspondent, Gar Tyson.

“While I have no hopes at all for traditional black radio, because of muscle memory more than anything, I tend to listen to Donnie Simpson’s show in the morning (WPGC-FM, Washington, DC) until his sign-off at 10:00 a.m. That’s how I get a sense of what “10” records are going to be repeated all day long on most R&B radio formats. Then, I’ll usually fire-up the computer and listen to one of many internet format stations so I can hear a wider variety of stuff.

Anyway lately, Donnie had been playing this single by a girl singer that sounded like something that would have been played 15-20 years ago. It really sounded like a very well-written, extremely well-sung, pop confection with a decidedly old school R&B feel. You know, the kind of quality Sheet that radio rarely plays these days. It sounded like something a Mica Paris would have recorded (remember her?), or maybe even something from Phylis Hyman during her “You Know How To Love Me” era. I loved this song! But they seemed to never announce who it was, or, at least, I never caught the name or the singer. In fact, I like it so much that it has just replaced Keyshia Cole’s “Heaven Sent” as my favorite of-the-moment-song by a wanna-be, R&B Diva on radio.

A few days later I heard it again, and they FINALLY announced who sang the record. It was Jennifer Hudson. (Evidently, the “American Idol” folks are FINALLY gonna drop Ms. Hudson’s debut album. ‘Bout Damn Time!) And the single is called, “Spotlight.” (Note to R&B radio: I know you only play 10 records over and over, but do you think you could, at the very least, announce your previously played set list more often than just twice a Damn day???)

Anyway, I just wanted to alert my “Muzic Headz” that there is a song out there that I’m kinda feelin’ right now that I think y’all might like.

Oh, and a “Big Ups” goes out to Brotha Neyo–who wrote and produced the single. Don’t even get me started on how talented that young Brotha is! Y’all know I’ve been “gassin'” him up for the last two years, now….”




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