Reel Images | Michael Strahan | Chuck

3 07 2008

Recently retired Hall-of-Fame-to-be-member Michael Strahan will be analyst for Fox Sports beginning this football season. But the personable former football star recently shot his acting debut for the NBC series, “Chuck.”

In the episode, slated to air October 20, Strahan stars as rival electronic store manager Mitch who along with his staff hang out at the Buy Moore Home Theater Center. That leads to plenty bruised feelings and friction from Buy More’s own Morgan. His only problem is that Mitch (Strahan) out weights him by over 100 pounds . . . and you know the rest.

Strahan’s transition to acting comes as no surprise because of his warm, outgoing personality honed on the largest media stage in the country, New York City. We predict that this will be the first of many opportunities that Stray will have to see his name in lights. One word of advice – make sure to use GOOD judgment in the types of projects you pick.

Congratulations to one of my all-time favorite New York Giants; we’re all going to miss you!

Here’s another shot from Stray’s acting debut.




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