I’m In Love!!! | Chrisette Michele

2 07 2008

Part-time music critic and one of my closest friends on the planet, Gar Tyson, recently had the chance to check out R&B Diva, Chrisette Michele and his enthusiastic and effusive praise prompted me to share his experience with the blogsphere.

Hey Family!

I had the opportunity to go to see Dwele, Raheem DaVaughn and Chrisette Michele at the Merriwether Post Pavilion (Virginia) this past weekend. Dwele was OK. Raheem was enthusiastic and energetic, but probably will need to learn to pace himself in the future. (Still, it’s cool to see a “homeboy” doing well and headlining his first tour!) But let me tell y’all about Chrisette Michele!

Her CD has been out for almost a year now. I picked it up about 6 months ago, and it’s been in “heavy rotation” in my house and car since then. Her voice has a very “old skool” flavor, but much of the material on the CD is also very contemporary. She shouts out Ella, Billie and Sarah in her songs–which is completely apropos, as her voice puts you in mind of those classic Divas. So the question begs–“She sounds like she put together somethin’ good on ‘Memorex’, but can she bring it live, Gar???”

The answer is an emphatic, “YES!!!”

First of all, her presentation was BEAUTIFUL!!! Girlfriend was working perfect hair, a sexy, but sophisticated black cocktail dress, and flawless make-up and “bling”–she was the classic songstress as chanteuse!

Her voice??? Gorgeous and quirky! Whatever she was singing – whether uptempo, mid-tempo, ballad, etc. – she sounded fantastic! In fact, her voice is more powerful in person than on CD. Moreover, as an interpreter of song, she always, ALWAYS, “served the song” – and did not go off on any unnecessary and arbitrary “melodramatic vocal runs” that served no purpose, as many of her contemporaries are prone to do.

Personality! It’s there, and then some! She’s serious, sexy and fun – whatever the song calls for. She really connected with the crowd. And when she sung her uptempo, “girl power” tunes, she effortlessly took the enthusiastic crowd along with her!

Overall – her set was a knock-out!!! And if this girl doesn’t become a HUGE-a– STAR and the next great R&B DIVA, then there is no hope for black popular music as we know it. Below are some samples of her work for your viewing pleasure.

And if you don’t have Chrisette Michele’s CD, do yourself a favor – go out and get it. NOW, Dammit!

Chrisette Michele on The David Letterman Show

Chrisette Michele ft Will.I.Am. – Be OK




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