Conversation with . . . Stevie Wonder

30 06 2008

Stevie Wonder is fidgeting with his camera phone, embarrassed because he can’t get it to work right.

But wait, it’s not what you think.

Wonder is trying to show a reporter how the device helps him “see” written documents; moments later, the blind superstar reveals how the camera takes photos of text, converts it to audio and reads the words aloud, and instantly has wowed his audience of one.

But Wonder doesn’t need to rely on technology to amaze: Now on a nationwide tour, all he needs to do is open his mouth and start singing some of his classic hits: “Superstitious,” “I Wish,” “As,” “My Cherie Amour” — and he gets a crowd into a frenzy. Actually, just his appearance on stage is usually enough: His star status is enough to leave an audience in awe.

In person, Wonder, 58, comes off more like your friendly uncle than a legendary musical figure: He cracks jokes, tells stories, and opines about politics and world peace. Here’s a sampling of what Wonder had to say in an interview with The Associated Press.

To read the entire interview, click here.

Check out one of our favorite Wonder songs, “Never Dreamed You’d Leave in Summer.”




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