WTF! | T-Pain

25 06 2008

Looking a walking disco ball, pop singer T-Pain wore arguably the evening’s tackiest outfit at the 2008 BET Awards last night.

The singer apparently the closet wardrobe of UniverSoul’s Circus’ Casual Cal for his wack-ass fashion display. The aptly named singer provided “eye pain” for everyone bottoming his look out with boots featuring glittering toe plates.

At least when Johnny Depp rocked a more conservative look in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” he was acting in a film. “Pain” has no such excuse and his look and countless others who attended last night’s show should be ashamed of themselves for not having the decency or respect to show up properly attired for a televised awards show.

As for T-Pain, brother we know you have at least one mirror in your crib. Next time you prepare to attend an award show, make sure you look at it before you leave the house. This is just a warning, the next time you’re caught out of fashion pocket we will cite you a with a violation!




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