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20 06 2008

What is it with former “Saturday Night Live” cast members and bad movies? Already this year we’ve been subjected to Will Ferrell and Adam Sandler’s vulgar and sophomoric humor in their earlier films. In “The Love Guru,” Mike Myers’ squanders his comedic good will in this mismatched, underdeveloped hodgepodge of a film that has ten bad moments for each funny one.

In this story, Myers stars as Pitka, a sassy, singing Guru to the stars. In flashback, (using the soothing voice of Morgan Freeman – don’t ask!) we learn that as a young man he is raised outside of his country and mentored by a crass Guru Tugginmypudha (Ben Kingsley) who motivates him to get into the self-help business by engaging in degrading acts designed to help him deal with distractions.

Now as adult, Guru Pitka rides from room-to-room in his castle on a motorized pillow dispenses a multitudes of acronyms designed to motivate his list of celebrity clients. Greeting everyone with the sacred spiritual greeting, “Marissa Hagerty,” Pitka is a motivational jokester that is living the life.

Underneath his happy exterior, Pitka secretly longs to be more successful than his rival, Deepak Chopra. But his skills are put to the test when he is hired by an attractive owner of a hockey team (Jessica Alba) to reunite her star player Darren Roanoke (Romany Malco) with his sexy wife Prudence (Meagan Good) in exchange for a guest-spot on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and $2 million.

It’s clear that Myers has a preoccupation with making fun of all things that are the penis. Whether making visual references during a dinner date or by accusing Roanoke of being a “ball gazer,” Myers has some unresolved childhood issues.

Soon the Guru Pitka is awash in all sorts of comic misadventures from cock fighting to cock-sightings. Myers subscribes to the machine gun method of comedy, just keeping shooting jokes out there because one of them is bound to be funny. Much like some of the juvenile humor that was featured in his former cast mate’s film, “Don’t Mess With the Zohan,” Myers ultimately reverts back to grade-school humor much to the film’s detriment.

While Myers was having his personal comedic challenges, Justin Timberlake definitely has a future as a comedic actor. Playing the well-endowed Jacque “Le Coq” Grande, he revels in Celine Dion tunes while wielding some sweetmeat that makes you say, “Damn!”

Featuring a puzzlingly humorous performance from Stephen Colbert plus cameos from a host of celebrities (Kanye West, Val Kilmer, Jessica Simpson and a hilarious turn by . . . Hagerty!), the disappointment in the film has nothing to do with its cast, but everything to do with its over-reaching star.

When it comes to gross humor, its clear that Myers has no basement. It wasn’t bad enough to show a urine-soaked mop fight but the final scene is indescribable (hint: two elephants . . . fill in the rest). There’s no limit to what Myers will do to get a laugh even if it means grossing out his audience to the point where they just mentally tune out.

So if you’re keeping score, Ferrell, Sandler and now Myers have made films that range from putrid to simple-minded. It would figure that the best recent film from a SNL alumnus came from a writer – the funny Tina Fey, whose films never pander to their audiences. It doesn’t take a “Guru” to figure that out!

Grade: C-




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21 06 2008
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13 01 2009
bv hc b

its Marishka Hargetai not Marisaa Hagerty and The Love Guru is the best movie ever….its supposed to be a stupid funny movie thats the point

15 07 2009

Mike Myers has the ability to take otherwise responsible, adult *males* sailing back to a similar, although not equivalent childhood. A *male* childhood with all its crudity, cheap laughs, site gags, etc. There is a market for this. There always has been a market for its nostalgic flashbacks, but the need for it grows ever greater each day as America makes it harder and harder for boys to be boys. Why do you think adult men don their mother’s foundation undergarments, hop on bicycles, and clog the under-engineered back streets of suburban America? It’s because they, like you, are the ones with the childhood issue: a complete lack of normal male childhood. Thank goodness Mike Myers had one. I did, too. Anyone who did have one understands Mike Meyers. For the rest of you, sue the school system, yell at your mother, but for Pete’s sake, don’t even bother to dump on Myers…it’s a guy thing, you wouldn’t get it.

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