Trailer Park | Punisher: War Zone

18 06 2008

Somebody break up Marvel Comics! With After enjoying the success of not one but two hit films this summer, the Marvel Comics redemption tour continues with yet another attempt to fix old broken properties. Next up, “Punisher: War Zone.”

Back in 2004, Thomas Jane starred in the horribly-conceived film about G-man, Frank Castle who wages a one-man war against the people responsible for killing his wife and family. With a paltry $13.8 million opening weekend, the film limped home with only a $33 million domestic gross. After launching an action-packed “Iron Man” franchise and re-introducing “The Incredible Hulk,” can the suits at Marvel fix “The Punisher.”

Gone are Thomas Jane and in are some of the writers who worked on “Iron Man.” Looking at the trailer, the lastest incarnation features a more gritter and hardened Castle. In “Punisher: War Zone,” after hunting down and killing hundreds of violent criminals, Castle, aka The Punisher (Ray Stevenson), faces his most deadly foe yet: Jigsaw (Dominic West).

The trailer looks action-packed and with Marvel’s recent track record, can they pull one more rabbit out of their creative hat?

“Punisher: War Zone” will be in theaters this December.

Trailer Grade: B+




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