Black Film Classics | Juice

16 06 2008

Tupac Shakur announced his presence with authority as the volatile, out-of-control Bishop in the urban drama, “Juice.”

Shakur, who would have celebrated his 37th birthday today, was a multi-talented hip-hop star, actor and author. While he would co-star in several other films (“Poetic Justice,” “Gridlock’d,” “Above the Rim” and “Gang Related,” it was his frightening performance in “Juice” that was his signature film.

The story of four friends growing up in Harlem who grow apart after one of the friends commits a senseless murder. After the friends flee, One of the friends accidentally kills another and threatens to kill his other two friends if tell what has occurred. Soon the other two are hunted by their friend, whose personality drastically changes because of the power of carrying a gun.

This cult classic was the directorial debut of former Spike Lee cinematographer, Ernest Dickerson. In addition to Shakur, the film also introduced the world to Omar Epps and featured a little known character actor named Samuel L. Jackson.

But it was Shakur, murdered in 1996 who was the film’s breakout star.

Happy Birthday, Pac and rest in peace!




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